State Wildfire Responsibility Area (SRA)

California's fire service (CAL FIRE) has a legal responsibility for fire protection on all State Responsibility Area (SRA) lands as defined by land ownership, population density and land use. CAL FIRE typically does not have responsibility for densely populated areas (local fire department jurisdictions), agricultural lands, or federal lands. State laws and fire codes may impose certain costs on property owners within the SRA that must be disclosed on sale.

Effective July 1, 2017, the annual fire prevention fee imposed in 2011 on properties in the SRA has been suspended until 2031 under Assembly Bill 398 (2017).

For more information about SRA zones, go to

In this episode:

  • State fire hazard zones
  • Rural emergency service
  • Wildland fire safety codes

Why is this important?

  • These are wildfire zones where California's state fire service (CAL FIRE) has primary responsibility.
  • State fire safety codes may require certain property improvements.
  • This is a required disclosure to a buyer under state law if a property is in this zone.
  • The county or city General Plan Safety Element may provide maps of additional fire hazards.
  • This disclosure is included in First American NHD and JCP-LGS disclosure reports.

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