Frequently Asked Questions

How to use our website and online Order Management System.

Simple, convenient, and fast! Designed with the customer in mind, our new order management system is straight-forward and easy to use. But just in case, we answer a few common questions below.

How do I order a report?

On the home page, enter the subject property address and click "Order Report". (If not already logged in you'll be prompted to do so.) Then complete a few ordering details and click submit. The automatic property locator will complete your address fields, and your agent and escrow fields will be automatically filled in as you type from your stored preferences and address book, if you have ordered before.

To create an account, click "Sign Up". You will be redirected to EagleID and prompted to complete a one-time account set up. After completing the account set up, you will be redirected back to the website. Next, select your ordering preferences (your role in the transaction, preferred report package, delivery format, etc.). You can update your preferences at any time after logging in.

What are my payment options?

We accept payment through escrow, check, or credit card. For escrow billing, provide details in the order; otherwise, we invoice the ordering party at the address provided unless the order is charged to a valid credit card. There is no charge if escrow does not close--please call or email the Customer Service Desk to arrange cancellation.

What are my report options?

We provide disclosure reports in all categories of real estate, including residential resale, new home, mobile home, rental property, commercial, master development, and vacant land. Reports for multiple adjacent parcels can be ordered online or through the Customer Service Desk. A report is valid only for the transaction for which it was produced and only at the time it was produced, as the government maps may change. A report may be updated before the close of escrow by calling the Customer Service Desk. Our available report packages are explained at the Products and Services page on our website.

How long does it take to get a report?

For electronic delivery, typically under an hour or two. Reports ordered on a business day before 2 p.m. are delivered that day (hard copies are couriered for delivery next business day). If ordered on a business day after 2 p.m., you'll receive email copies the morning of the next business day (hard copies the business day after that).

Is my password secure?

Yes. We're part of a financial services corporation whose policy requires passwords to be encrypted. We don't know your password. We can't decrypt it. We can't send it to you if requested. A forgotten password must be reset. Click the "Reset Password?" link on the login screen if needed.

Where do I find the required disclosure booklets?

Visit our Electronic Bookshelf. There you can download regulatory government pamphlets that buyers may need, including the statutory Earthquake and Environmental Handbook. (This required handbook is also available at a link on the "Delivery Options" portion of the online order form.)

Where are the disclosure education videos?

A highlight of our services is our educational video series for real estate agents and consumers alike. Refer your home buyer to the video episodes for plain-spoken explanations of natural hazards such as earthquake fault zones, landslides and liquefaction, flood zones, city and county general plan land-use regulation, and the state's natural hazard disclosure law. Visit NHD Academy under the "Training Videos" link on our website.

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